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Migrating from Cgiapp to Cgiapp2

Migrating from Cgiapp to Cgiapp2

Checklist of steps to take when migrating Cgiapp < 2.0.0 applications to Cgiapp2.


  1. Change all references of 'Cgiapp' to 'Cgiapp2'
  2. Make sure that any class inheriting directly from Cgiapp2 implements the setup() method. This is necessary because this method is marked as abstract.
  3. Choose a template plugin (or write your own). Include it in any of:
    • Superclass
    • Application class(es)
    • Instance script(s)
    A typical include would look like:
    1. <?php
    2. include_once 'Cgiapp2/Plugin/Smarty.class.php';
    3. ?>
  4. If using Cgiapp2::cgiapp_postrun() or a postrun callback hook:
  5. $body is no longer passed by reference
  6. If changing or replacing the value of $body, use Cgiapp2::postrun_body() to do so.

Additionally, a number of methods were made static, and you will need to make sure any calls to these methods are made statically:

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